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SNOWCAP was developed and formulated in 1985 and has successfully remained on the market for more than 40 years.  As we continue to grow regionally and nationally, offering our customers top quality products with 100% purest, finest ingredients.  All-natural and environmentally safe with a proprietary formula.  Here at SNOWCAP, our goal is to develop quality products to remove the unsightly and reoccurring rust stains caused by well water.  SNOWCAP is formulated so all you need to do is mix and spray. 



SNOWCAP can be used to remove well water stains from the bathtub, toilet, sink, and shower stall.  IMPORTANT, use with CAUTION, RINSING is necessary when used indoors.  SNOWCAP can be used to clean well water rust stains from windows.  IMPORTANT, windows should be rinsed immediately.


SNOWCAP is not a preventative.  It is a cleaner that removes well water rust stains.  It will not remove lime or calcium build-up.   SNOWCAP can be used to remove green fungus from sidewalks and driveways, spray the same as you would for well water rust stains. If a heavy build-up has occurred, a second application may be necessary.


SNOWCAP can be used AFTER pressure washing.  When pressure washing concrete to remove mold, mildew, and oxidation, SNOWCAP can be applied afterward to whiten and brighten concrete.  Just spray SNOWCAP on and let it return your walkway or driveway back to its natural look and color.  No rinsing required when SNOWCAP is used outside

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Made in

the USA!

SNOWCAP is manufactured in Lake City, Florida, where packaging is American made with honesty and integrity in giving our customers the best quality products


“This is the guy from Sebring you send SNOWCAP. I did a test strip on my driveway and was amazed at the results! My wife was the one who did the patio and she is really impressed at how little labor is involved and the product did what it said it would. Your Product is so good!"

B. Rees, Sebring, FL

I recently used your product on my pavers and was so pleased! After my neighbors saw what a great job your product did, I have several other people that would like to purchase your product as well!

S. Jones, Tarpon Springs, FL

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