Snowcap - 1lb Box

Snowcap - 1lb Box

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1 pound box - makes two liquid gallons. 

Covers approximately 400 square feet.

Directions: Add one cup (8 oz.) OR 4 scoops of SNOWCAP to one gallon of water. Measuring scoop is inside SNOWCAP container, 4 scoops is equivalent to one cup (8 oz.). Use hand held sprayer or regular garden sprayer to apply. Use rubber gloves when applying. If heavy build up has occurred, you can reapply SNOWCAP until stains completely disappear. However, use one application at a time, let dry, and then reapply. Rinsing is necessary when used indoors. When applied to glass, rinse immediately.Do not apply to manufactured paint stains or brick that contain iron oxide pigments. Test apply on a small inconspicuous area.

Color: Blue